A look at a busy but productive 3-day week for our MD - John Jameson

Last week was crazy! Crazy in a good way though!

After spending a great couple of extra days with my family I dived into a 3-day week. It was filled with potential, new connections and opportunities.


On Wednesday I met with an old friend and colleague - Linda Walker. Linda is the Systems Manager in Springco / Technical Metals with offices in Portadown and Newtownards. As well as talking about old times and how far we have come in the years since we worked together we talked about how we can help each other today by sharing advice, insight and contacts. We are both eager to add value to our clients and connections.

Springco / Technical Metals are a business focusing on the provision of high specification and higher standard specialist metals to multiple industries. They are heavily involved in supplying to industries throughout Europe and the USA with a particular focus on Aerospace.

Linda took me on a tour of their Portadown facility which makes everything from specialist springs to holding clips for use in Healthcare. During our tour Linda informed me of the fact that Springco have materials in space. IN SPACE. I thought this was awesome!

I look forward to meeting up with Linda again in the near future.

Springco - Have a look

On Thursday I met with Francis Cullen, MD of Mercury Security and FM at their headquarters in Lisburn. We had a great meeting where we discussed how we could potentially do business and again add value to our clients and connections.

Francis took time to show us around his world class facilities. To see the investment in their services was inspiring. Their service offerings are backed up by state of art technology bolstered by the expertise of their staff.

As well as the tour Francis shared Mercury’s story with us. I found myself drawing parallels to our business. They are a family run business with Francis’ father still providing sage advice in his role as CEO as well as his brother Liam providing Operational Direction for the business. I can’t wait to see where our business relationship with Mercury goes, it has all the signs of being a fantastic opportunity for both our companies.

Mercury Security and Facilities Management- Have a look

Friday saw me travel to our Glasgow office to meet up with Dougie and Nick. My Brother David joined us that evening after a day in Dublin. We discussed how the office was shaping up and how we can progress to the next level in Scotland. We will be expanding our Scotland branch this year to meet the needs of our clients following a successful entry into this space. The guys have done a great job and will continue to provide the excellent services they provide in the Glasgow area and Greater Scotland.

After a heavy day of strategy meetings and brainstorming we made our way to a Charity Sportsmans dinner in Giffnock. We made some great contacts and hope to continue growing our network in Scotland. 2019 is going to massive for iota in this space. I can see my airmiles clocking up!!


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