A lesson learnt from a business legend

Last night I attended my first private event with IoD Northern Ireland at the ever stunning Merchant Hotel. The night was hosted by Narratology who are a high level talent sourcing company focusing on the supply of Executives to business throughout Ireland. Ruth told the story of Narratology and how she stepped up to the plate by starting her own business. It takes guts to put your head above the pulpit and compete with the big firms within that industry. Her drive to provide a London quality service within NI is commendable and it is plain to see Ruth and her team are excelling in their field.

Over a fantastic 3-course meal the guest speaker for the evening, Mr Bill Wolsey OBE, MD of the Beannchor Group told us his story. From his humble beginnings in Ballysillan to a stint in Arsenal Football Club and catering college in London right through to his time in business during the troubles and beyond. If I took anything away from Bill it was that if you want to remain in business you have to “not be an arsehole”.

Sage advice I thought….. But not being an arsehole takes a litany of skills. All these skills are easily nurtured and for all intents and purposes come naturally to the vast majority of business people. But these skills can be tested or eroded over time. It falls to ourselves and the team around us to keep us grounded and prevent us turning into arseholes.

Thank you to Ruth for inviting me, IoD for facilitating and to Bill for reminding us all to not be arseholes.

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