An Asbestos scare caused the closure of a popular beach at Prestwick in Ayrshire

Following the illegal and uncontrolled disposal of Asbestos waste by a fly-by night cowboy tradesman a beach was closed off to the public until the Asbestos was remediated and removed by licensed contractors. This is an example of what councils and Environmental Heritage are running into on a daily basis. It does not bear thinking about what could have resulted if children had discovered this material and the potential exposure they could have subjected themselves to. All for the saving of a few £££££......

Although a costly exercise it is essential that Asbestos waste is properly treated, packaged and disposed of to ensure that no one is exposed. If you are having Asbestos removed the contractor will provide you with a consignment note upon the disposal of the resulting waste detailing the movements from your site right to the end disposal or transfer location. Always hire a reputable company who will carry out works to not only a high standard by a compliant one.

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