A look at what happened during the latest episode of DIY SOS on BBC

Watching last week’s episode of DIY SOS it was heartening to see how asbestos aware the chaps working on the big build team are

The team were working on a project in Birmingham involving the complete renovation of a property for a family with two beautiful twin boys who have a condition known as global development delay, when they were forced to down tools and postpone works due to the discovery of an asbestos pipe.

Mark Millar the build manager reported that team have asbestos surveys carried out before each project begins however the pipe in question was only discovered when removing the floor boards.  The big build team took the appropriate action, evacuating the building and calling in competent contractors to remove the offending pipe. 

This highlights the importance of not only conducting a fully intrusive asbestos refurbishment survey prior carrying out any refurbishment works DIY or otherwise but also the importance of asbestos awareness training for all within the building industry.


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