A look at the issue of importation of Asbestos into Australia from Chinese products

The title sounding aligned to a potential threat to security or the outbreak of a new deadly disease, is in fact in relation to the renowned Asbestos. Asbestos has been flowing through Australia from imported goods (mainly from China) and importation from some Chinese companies has halted.

This strongly worded title and column from The Guardian, details the worldwide domino effect of continued mining and use of asbestos within some countries.

What does come as a surprise is how asbestos managed to enter Australia, with Australia’s’ vigorous checks on immigration and imports on entering the country albeit not so diligent with importing asbestos.

The Great (My personal opinion….much better than ‘don’t tell the bride’!) Australian TV programme ‘Border Security: Australia's Front Line’ titled ‘Nothing to declare’ on UK networks, illustrates how rigorous and thorough the Australians are with imports alas they never aired asbestos slipping through the system.

The procedures and testing no doubt has been recently improved to stop asbestos entering Australia again but the question must be asked why only now? After all China is among the top five producers of asbestos in the world, so imports should be under scrutiny at all times.


Read more at The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/aug/08/asbestos-is-far-from-a-legacy-issue-this-is-no-time-to-rest-easy


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