We are great believers in the no 'I' in team philosophy at Iota. To get the best from our staff we strive for a pleasant work environment with an approach which is both professional and flexible. We look forward to growing our team along with our business. Watch this space.....

John Jameson

John JamesonManaging Director

John is responsible for the Day-to-Day running of the company and can usually be found glued to his computer screen demanding a cup of tea.

Having worked within the Asbestos Industry from Operative to Manager level John has an extensive and varied knowledge of the industry. His skillset was easily transferred to Legionella Control which has allowed our business to grow and diversify. He is the resident Jack of all trades and is available to answer any client questions.

If you meet him on site he is hard to miss due to his impressive beard and his stupidly abnormal, light fixture destroying height, but don't worry he is a gentle giant :)

 Favourite Quote - 'Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes' – Jim Carrey

David Jameson

David JamesonCommercial Director

David has travelled to the other end of the world in search of the fibrous rock called asbestos, Australia was an adventure to say the least and allowed him to broaden his view of the Asbestos industry on a global scale.

With nearly 20 years working in all parts of the industry from removal, surveying, contractor services, air testing, and bulk sample analysis he is not a consultant who takes the watch off your wrist and tells you the time. He always has time for his customers old and new, be it a phone call, coffee or a night in the city.

With an infectious personality David is extremely customer focused and will ensure that you go away smiling after a conversation which could lead anywhere...

 Favourite Quote‘Don’t believe everything you read on the internet’ - Abraham Lincoln

Richard Connor

Richard ConnorHead of Operations

Richard joined iota in 2016 with a wealth of knowledge in relation to Asbestos and Legionella.

Experienced within educational, commercial and domestic sectors Richard is a diverse consultant able to meet any challenges placed at his feet.

A keen fisherman Richard brings an element of patience to the management team that was seldom present. His office persona is professional and approachable, whilst come hometime we like to imagine he transforms into a Captain Pugwash character and trawls Fermanagh for Chicken of the sea.

Favourite Quote“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Clare Girvin

Clare GirvinQuality Manager

Clare comes to our team with a wealth of experience in the Asbestos analysis field. With a keen eye for detail and methodical approach she is able to analyse any samples which are fired her way.

Clare is also the boss of our quality system. Using her analytical tendencies Clare investigates, reports and rectifies any quality issues which may arise during the completion of our works. She keeps us on our toes ensuring iota are the best in the game.

Our very own Belle of Belfast City is very welcome to our team and to the extremely.......cultural, Portadown.

Favourite Quote - "If you're lucky enough to do well, it's your responsibility to send the elevator back down" - Kevin Spacey

Kate Black

Kate BlackMicrobiology Lab Manager

Spearheading our microbiology water laboratory Kate is a valued addition to our team. 

Whilst Kate brings an enviable laboratory based skill-set she also brings a questionable taste in music..... Country music.... I like to think that Kate pursues this genre by utilising jiving to better her motor skills and make her a better analyst. One can only hope

Kate possesses a wealth of knowledge in relation to water borne bacteria and her client focused demeanour allows her to guide even the most novice person through the processes, results and outputs of a microbiology laboratory.

Favourite quote - "We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now" - Martin Luther King, Jr

Paul Greenan

Paul GreenanAnalytical Manager

Paul heads-up our Analytical team here at iota. A stalwart within the Asbestos Industry he has a wide range of experience and is able to provide clients practical and informed advice as required. A favourite among Asbestos Removal Contractors, he is a no-nonsense character who ensures you receive the best possible service and more importantly a safe working environment following the completion of any analytical duties.

A keen golfer, Paul is hard to pry from the greens on a good day but I am assured he is no Rory McIlroy and will not be competing for a Green Jacket anytime soon.....

Favourite Quote - "I'm sick of all the Irish Stereotypes.... As soon as I finish this drink, I'm punching someone" - Unknown

Pat Reynolds

Pat ReynoldsSenior Legionella Consultant

It is a pleasure to welcome our now resident mad scientist Pat Reynolds to the team. In his own words his career has went from Drink to Drugs to Water. Not in an illicit kind of way but from the brewing industry, to pharmaceutical manufacturing and ending up in the water hygiene industry. What a journey.

This has given Pat a unique skillset which was crafted in laboratory environments and is now transferred into site based assessments and consultancy. Pat is experienced in Water Hygiene and Closed Loop Systems and is available for all your water consultancy needs.

Favourite Quote - "Don't give me good generals give me lucky ones" - Napoleon Bonaparte

Jordan Ritchie

Jordan RitchieContractor Services Manager

Jordan heads up our Contractor Services division. A driven and focused individual who completes his work with great diligence.

Coming to iota fresh out of university when he joined us in 2015, Jordan built his skills from the ground up. Providing FaceFit, RPE and DOP services to our clients throughout Ireland. He is well placed to advise and aid our customers to ensure their compliance.

Known in some parts of the country as the youngest child of our very own David Jameson (😂), Jordan is here to help. Feel free to contact him for any Contractor Service requirements.

Favourite Quote - 'Work work work work work' - Rihanna

Warren McCosh

Warren McCoshAsbestos Surveyor

Warren forms part of our Asbestos Survey team and is a great addition to our company. Hailing from the lands near Fairhill shopping centre he is under pressure to keep up with the speed we Portadown people talk but we are more than confident he will learn the lingo soon.

Warren is a highly experienced surveyor who will hunt out any Asbestos materials in a building utilising his time as a tradesman to effectively negotiate premises he is tasked to inspect. He is relentless in his quest to provide the best quality service he can to our customers and powered by his favourite food, the humble sausage roll, we have confidence he will represent iota well.

Favourite QuoteThey say Rome wasn't built in a day, but I wasn't on that particular job. - Brian Clough 

Kurtis Patterson

Kurtis PattersonMechanical Manager

A heavyweight of mechanical knowledge Kurtis is the technical brains behind our legionella remediation team. Having served his time as a plumber from (ahem.....) 1981, Kurtis has worked extensively in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. His workplace OCD ensures that his work is always followed by compliments from wherever we send him.

We look forward to expanding our mechanical division in the very near future.

A natural people person his laid-back demeanour and mischievous sense of humour gives way to a diligent and dedicated customer focused individual. Kurtis is a welcome member to our team and a great addition to our business.

Favourite Quote - "I'll have to get back to you on that one" - Kurtis Patterson - 2016

Linzi Tipping

Linzi TippingLaboratory Analyst

Another youthful addition to our team here at iota. Linzi handles a variety of tasks from Asbestos Bulk Analysis to keeping our surveyors on their toes with their paperwork. Quickly integrating herself with the team she is now part of the furniture. 

If you ring the office Linzi will more than likely field your calls. She will ensure your queries are handled to the best of our ability. 

The only disparaging remark anyone could make is that she hails from Shelbyville or Lurgan as it is more commonly known. Don't hold it against her :P

Favourite Quote - "People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full are missing the point.... The glass is refillable" - Unknown 

Ged Williams

Ged WilliamsAsbestos Analyst / Surveyor

A proverbial veteran of the Asbestos trade Ged brings a vast amount of knowledge to iota. Working within the Asbestos industry for nearly 25 years he has worked in all manner of buildings from oil rigs on the north sea to 2 bedroom semi's in Kilkenny.

This born and bred Yorkshireman does not drink tea and owing to his favoured substitute being Guiness he decided that Ireland was the only logical place to settle. 

Working within our Dublin team Ged is available to assist in all our Asbestos and Legionella services. He holds the coveted CCP in Asbestos and isn't afraid to use it!

Favourite Quote - TBC

Ben Jameson

Ben JamesonAsbestos Surveyor

Sticking with the family-run business theme Ben is a nephew of David and John. Coming into the company with wistful youth, unsuspecting the impending hazing he will be subjected to by his uncles. 110% effort will be expected at all times and if undelivered a barrage of verbal abuse akin to a drill Sargent fresh from watching Full Metal Jacket will be relentless..... We jest (Or do we)

Ben has grown within the business by undertaking an internal training and mentor-ship programme with our existing surveyors before taking the standard BOHS P402 proficiency course. He will continue to learn and develop as we all do whilst expanding his knowledge and experience.

Favourite Quote: "I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul" - William Ernest Hemingway (Gingers have no souls FYI)


Michael Ashe

Michael AsheLegionella Mechanical Tech

Adding some youthful enthusiasm to the mechanical team Michael brings a skill-set honed in a family business to our company. A diverse and extremely capable mechanical technician with a broad knowledge of Legionella he is a valued addition to the mechanical team and our company.

A quiet man, Michael is an expert listener and indulges management by listening intently whilst we regale him with stories and adventures about the amazing world of Asbestos..... This surely makes him an excellent candidate to be husband material.

Michael is a time-served plumber who has worked within commercial and domestic settings and will produce first class work on behalf of our company.

Favourite Quote - TBC.....

Daragh Gogarty

Daragh GogartyOperations Manager - Ireland

Hailing from the bustling city of Dublin, Daragh heads up or Ireland office. He was handed the mammoth task of running our first "off-site" branch and has taken to the role with gusto.

With experience ranging from finance to operations, Daragh is a diverse professional within the Asbestos industry. With a client-focused ethos he ensures our customers get the best possible service.

Not only has Daragh brought his Irish brogue to the team he also brings an international flavour, owing to his time working and living in Spain. We look forward to him producing some high standard tapas or at the very least a half decent Julio Iglesias impersonation!

Favourite Quote - Incredible things in the business world are never made by a single person, but by a team. - Steve Jobs

Ruth Young

Ruth YoungRelationship Manager

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