Provision of testing, repair and certification services to contractors working with Asbestos.

ACS can provide contractors working within the Asbestos Industry a total service package to meet their compliance needs. We can provide testing and certification services relating to personnel and equipment on a scheduled basis to ensure that all statutory requirements are fulfilled. Call now to set up your scheduled testing with ACS.

  • DOP Filter testing – To be carried out every six months
  • FaceFit testing – To be carried out annually
  • PAT Testing – Testing of your portable appliances to meet requirements
  • Plant Service and Repair – Repair of equipment to allow for safe and efficient use
  • Filter Replacement – Replacement of HEPA filters within a fully controlled enclosure

ACS will provide contractors with a scheduled testing regime tailored to their operational needs. Reminder systems will be utilised to ensure that you are always within certification validity.

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