Certification of adequate protection from tight fitting respirators. Full face and Ori-Nasal – Quantitative.

iota technicians are registered under the British Safety Industry Federation scheme ‘Fit-2Fit’ to provide facefit services to clients who require certification relating to the adequacy of their chosen respirator. Our Face fit technicians are fully trained in our internal procedures prior to seeking accreditation to the Fit-2-Fit scheme which provides acknowledgement of their training and experience.

Respirator Face Fit Testing is now a requirement under law. Testing must be carried out on all employees wearing tight fitting RPE as a control measure in the workplace. Respirator FaceFit testing is a means of ensuring that each employee can achieve an adequate seal between the respirator and their face. Individuals faces vary in size and shape as do Respirators, therefore it is critical that respirator face fit testing is carried out to ensure a good match.

Industries which require Face Fit Testing;

  • Asbestos Removal, Surveying and Abatement
  • Construction – Concrete cutting, dusty environments etc
  • Demolition and Strip out
  • Factory – Woodwork, cement, manufacturing etc
  • Quarrying, Stonework


What is a Face Fit test

A face fit is carried out to ascertain if a mask to be worn by a user is suitable to maintain a secure seal throughout normal usage. The user will don the mask and undergo a series of simple exercises which simulate normal usage. A particle counter is attached to the mask throughout the test to evaluate particles both inside the mask and the outside (ambient) environment. A computer programme will evaluate the data and ascertain if the RPE is suitable for usage by the wearer.

Asbestos Control Services carry out quantitative face fit testing using a TSI Portacount 8083.


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