A look at some of the people you may encounter on site - JJ

During my time on site I have found that peoples attitude to Asbestos varies in a multitude of ways. I have categorised some of these perceptions below for the craic……

The Panic-er

The person that believes that Asbestos will kill them where they stand should a single fibre be released into the air.

The Pensioner

These are generally the more “senior” individuals who believe that once they hit 50 years old Asbestos isn't really an issue as 'they’ll be long dead by the time it kicks in'.   

The Superman

At the opposite end of the spectrum to the pensioner, these individuals are the young guns of the industry. Bullets wouldn’t harm them never mind Asbestos

The Secret Agent

These guys adapt the belt and braces approach, sometimes to their own detriment. An overcautious approach which aims to hide the fact that Asbestos was ever there never mind being surveyed or heaven forbid removed.

The Professor

These guys should be considered dangerous as their “expertise” sells confidence to the unaware. A strange breed with big egos and little knowledge.

The Cowboy

Another dangerous variety who have all the knowledge and experience but chose to completely ignore it. Hunted ferociously by the Health and Safety Executive. 

The Learned

These are the people who have the knowledge, experience and confidence to deal with Asbestos correctly. From premises officers to surveyors these guys know their stuff and are not afraid to ask for help if they need it. The most common of all breeds and a welcome sight to the weary consultant.


This list is not exhaustive…….. ;)



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