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Tank Clean & Disinfection

Ensuring that the water stored in your building is maintained at a high quality is one of the cornerstones of Water Hygiene.

An integral part of any well managed water system is the routine clean and disinfection of water storage and supply services to your building. Our mechanical team can safely and efficiently clean and disinfect your system as required to the highest standard. Call today for more information

Iota disinfection services;

  • Cold Water Storage Tank (CWST) Chemical disinfection
  • Hot water tank/Calorifiers thermal and chemical clean and disinfection
  • Down service disinfection of all supply lines from cold and hot water services

Frequently Asked Questions

More than likely yes. There are ways to minimise disturbance i.e. out of hours completion of works etc which can be suggested by our team.

Following completion of the clean and disinfection our technicians will ensure there are no airlocks and that your water is free of all chemical by testing the water. Once signed off we will issue you with a certificate of disinfection detailing the works as well as the chemical used.

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