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Water System Monitoring

After completing a Legionella Risk Assessment your system will need to be monitored to ensure it is operating safely to reduce the risk of Legionella. Inspections are carried out by technicians and the information logged to evidence that you are managing the risks and maintaining compliance.

If you chose iota to assist you with inspections our technicians will attend site to complete these on your behalf. The information will be captured electronically and generated into a report for your records.

Iota utilise a cloud based software system to store this information making it available immediately after completion. All client information can be correlated and stored in online for ease of use and peace of mind.

Monitoring services available from iota;

  • Temperature Monitoring and Logging
  • Water Sampling and Analysis
  • Outlet and plant flushing
  • Calorifier and blowdown monitoring
  • TMV maintenance and monitoring
  • Tank inspections and Monitoring
  • Cooling Tower and Evaporative condenser system monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions


All monitoring can be completed yourself or a trained and competent person. We would recommend some training to give you information on why inspections are completed, when they should be carried out and how the information can be recorded.

Contact us for information in relation to training or support.

If your risk assessment is completed by iota we can load the information onto our cloud based software to allow ongoing management by you.

Access to our software is available for a small fee.

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