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RPE Face fitting

Face Fit Testing must be carried out on all employees wearing tight fitting RPE in the workplace. FaceFit testing is a means of ensuring that each employee can achieve an proper seal between the mask and their face. Individuals faces vary in size and shape as do Respirators, therefore it is critical that face fit testing is carried out to ensure a good match.

Areas which require Face Fit Testing;

  • Medical profession or care provision (COVID-19 protection)
  • Asbestos Removal, Surveying and Abatement
  • Construction – Concrete cutting, dusty environments etc
  • Demolition and Strip out
  • Factory – Woodwork, cement, manufacturing etc
  • Any dusty environment such as Quarrying, Stonework etc

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not train people to complete face fit testing. We provide this service to you with our qualified and accredited technicians completing the work on your behalf.

We can provide RPE if requested or alternatively test and advise on your current RPE

iota provide a full certificate upon completion which details the RPE used during the test and the results of each element.

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