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Water Sampling

The only way to certify that your water management processes are effective and operating as expected is to sample and analyse water from your system. Iota will provide our clients with peace of mind by carrying out these duties in a professional and competent manner.

Where sampling is required we will carry it out in accordance with BS 7592:2008. This will be done without fuss using sterile bottles which will be preserved at the correct temperature until they are delivered for analysis.

Samples will be delivered to our in-house fully UKAS accredited laboratory for Microbiological testing to identify potential hazards within the water. Upon receipt of testing data iota will provide advice and assistance as required.

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All monitoring can be completed yourself or a trained and competent person. We would recommend some training to give you information on why inspections are completed, when they should be carried out and how the information can be recorded.

Contact us for information in relation to training or support.

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