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Collective Guardrail Systems

Collective protection is a term given to guardrail and handrail type edge protection systems.

A collective guardrail system offers better compliance to the Hierarchy of Controls within the Working At Height Regulations.

They are particularly suited where frequent access or maintenance is required and avoid the need for personal fall protection equipment and training.

Guardrails can also be used for fall prevention around sky lights, roof lights and other fragile or hazardous elements on the roof.

Our guardrail systems can be fixed to any roof or parapet type but are more commonly supplied as counterbalanced freestanding configuration, avoiding the need for any penetrations to the roof.

Our installation teams are trained and competent to install and certify all guardrail systems to meet  BS EN 13374:2013 and BS EN 150 14122-3; 2001 standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Guardrail systems afford the best protection where users are exposed to a leading edge or fall hazard.  Being a ‘collective’ system, not only does it better complying with the Hierarchy Of Control within the Working at Height Regulations 2005, but also have the benefit of requiring no training or Fall Prevention Equipment.

Yes, our guardrail systems are modular and can be fitted to any roofing system.  Our most popular flat roof system is counterbalanced and freestanding,  requiring no penetrations or fixings to the existing roof.

Yes. It is a legal requirement. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 industry standard BS EN13374 state that guardrail systems must be tested at least once a year by a competent safety specialist.

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