The analysis of fibre levels in buildings using Air sampling pumps and microscopy.

iota are fully UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 for the provision of Air Monitoring activities relating to Asbestos.

iota offer Asbestos Air Monitoring to our customers throughout the UK and Ireland, our dedicated analytical team will offer a 24 hours a day / 365 days a year response service. The team is lead by our Analytical Manager Paul Greenan, working in close partnership with our consultants in order to deliver a professional service.


•Four-stage clearances, leading to a Certificate of Reoccupation

These tests are carried out upon the completion of Asbestos Removal and/or Treatment work. A certificate will be issued upon conclusion validating the reoccupation of the work area.

 •Reassurance air tests

These tests can be carried out in a variety of circumstances to ensure Asbestos fibre levels are below the accepted level.

 •Leak air tests

These tests are carried out during the progression of Asbestos Removal works to ensure containment of Asbestos Fibres is effective.

 •Background air tests

These tests are carried out to establish the typical fibre levels within a denoted area during normal operation.

 •Personal air monitoring

These test are carried out on personnel to evaluate the level of personal exposure to fibres. Often carried out for licensed contractors as a performance and safety indicator.


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The services offered above can be utilised in different circumstances dependent upon the situation. It is best to contact us to ensure your needs are covered so you may receive the best and most appropriate service.

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