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Tailored Asbestos Surveys to meet our clients needs. Management, Refurbishment or Pre-Demolition.

Asbestos Surveys

From taking a single sample to completing a full demolition Asbestos Survey - iota can help. We have extensive experience and technical knowledge which will give our customers the service and information they require.

iota can help you meet all your requirements relating to Asbestos. Draw on our expertise to aid you in your responsibilities. We have carried out inspections throughout the UK and Ireland. Our surveyors draw their experience from their time as Asbestos Removal Professionals or tradesmen and utilise this real site knowledge to ensure iota provide an accurate, user-friendly and inclusive inspection and report.

Do I need an Asbestos Survey??

There are quite a few variables when considering when or if you need to carry out a survey. These include building type, Building age and might include upcoming construction works etc. The best advice is to ask an expert. Feel free to contact iota for any advice you may require.

What type of Asbestos Survey do I need??

There are several ‘types’ of Asbestos Surveys which can be carried out. Quite often you may require a combination of inspections to effectively meet your requirements. We tailor every inspection to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Management Survey;

These surveys are carried out to identify any potential Asbestos Materials which may be encountered during the normal operation of the building. This class of inspection must be carried out to all commercial properties constructed prior to 2000.

Refurbishment Survey;

Usually carried out prior to any construction works which may be planned to a building. The surveyor will appraise the planned construction work and tailor the survey to include all areas which may be disturbed during works.

Demolition Survey;

This inspection is carried out prior and possibly during demolition of a building. All areas of the defined building will be inspected to ensure no Asbestos Materials are disturbed by demolition works. The survey will be intrusive and should include all areas.

UKAS Accreditation;

iota currently hold accreditation is ISO 17020 awarded by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. This accreditation firmly places our business in an elite membership within the Asbestos Industry. Our systems are rigorously audited and assessed to ensure that they are robust and fit for purpose in supplying our customers with a high quality service.

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