Testing of High Efficiency (HEPA) filters for use in plant utilised in the Asbestos Industry.

Any equipment which is used to filter Asbestos contaminated air must be subjected to six-monthly testing to ensure that the filter medium remains effective. iota carry out testing services throughout Ireland for contractors, surveyors and analytical companies alike.

Items tested by ACS:

We can test any filter which is classified as a HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor) resulting in filtration up to and exceeding 99.997%. Typically we work with the following types of equipment:

  • H-Type Vacuum cleaners
  • Negative Pressure Units
  • Decontamination Unit NPU
  • Dust extraction systems

Principles of DOP filter testing:

The DOP test verifies the absence of leakage within a High Efficiency (HEPA) filter. The test is performed by introducing an aerosol upstream of the filter and scanning immediately downstream of the filter. The test is a leak test of the complete filter installation comprising the filter media, frame, gasket and grid system. The installed filter system leak test should not be confused with the efficiency test of individual filters at the place of manufacture. The test is undertaken with the filter in situ within the plant item.

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