Provision of scheduled Monitoring services to your water system. Maintenance of statutory logging data.

To ensure your water system remains free from Legionella it is essential to monitor and record system attributes. Ranging from temperature monitoring to water sampling, the control data must be collected and collated into a usable and practical record. Legionella Control Services can monitor, record and distribute the requisite information to ensure you reach your legal compliance levels.

If you wish to monitor your system internally your ‘responsible person’ will be provided with a water system log book in either paper or electronic format which will be used to store details and results of monitoring tasks completed. These should be reviewed regularly and specifically when there is reason to suspect irregularities. We will be happy to advise and assist your ‘responsible person’ throughout and provide further training as necessary.

  • Temperature Monitoring and Logging
  • Outlet and plant flushing
  • Calorifier and blowdown monitoring
  • TMV maintenance and monitoring
  • Tank inspections and Monitoring
  • Cooling Tower and Evaporative condenser system monitoring

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